A Norwegian Hail to VON - tribute EP - 0.85

After successfully plagiarising the subtitle of Darkthrone Holy Darkthrone, let me begin the review of this tribute EP.

After a short guitar intro Norwegian Evil kicks in. Satanic Blood is one of the most primitive songs I ever heard but Infernus (battery) and Tormentor (vocals and strings) made it more primitive! At the first few listens you can hear only a wall of sound (an impressive one I might add) but the song reveals itself after a few spins. Tormentor sounds like an evil alien who is still possessed by Satan (pun intended). The song itself has twice the length as the original. At the end the song ends similarly as it began. 17/25

The second cover (Von) is by Amok. I was surprised when I looked up the band here on MA since they don't play black metal (although members have connections to the genre). The sound is great: somewhat clean but still raw. Vocals fit the song nicely. The slow section is interesting (I'm not a fan of it but still cool) but the follow-up makes the song shine in its dark light (with the barks hehe). After a bit of sloppiness the song ends. 20/25

The third song (Lamb) is played by Taake. This cover was also released on the Nekro EP. The sound is similar to the s/t album's. The higher-pitch "echo" on the vocals (actually another vocal track) is a great effect. If you know Taake and VON, you'll know what to expect here and Hoest doesn't disappoint. I sometimes wish the song was a bit longer, it's so good. 23/25

Urgehal comes to finish this release with Veadtuck. After sampling in the intro from the original song it begins. The sound is clear but far from sterile, the production and the performance makes this song to the highlight of the EP. Vocal-wise... well, this one is instrumental. Drums (especially the toms) have a unique sound. Guitar sound couldn't really be better. This is just perfect. 25/25

If you're a fan of VON (or the bands playing here) or keen to hear tribute albums, this one is for you. The four bands show four facets of VON that might have been hidden before. Recommended.

The first sentence refers to the title I gave the review on MA (4 Norwegian bands paying tribute). Since I only posted 2 reviews there so far (both got approved, fuck yeah), the new reviews will be posted here first and will go there after. Now, some notes...

I was wondering how I should rate the album: as a whole or track-by track. I decided in favour of the later one since there is minimal cohesion between the tracks (they are all VON songs) and also wrote the review accoring to this. (Note: I changed the format how the reviews will be rated here, they'll be a real number between 0 and 1, both included.)

I decided to give this a go because of Gorgoroth, since the two core members played in Norwegian Evil. I must say I wasn't prepared for this for the first time, even though I love raw stuff that sometimes borders the wall of sound territory. It was a challenge to find and follow the main "riff" of the song but it was rewarding.

I've never heard about Amok before this EP so I searched for some tracks on YouTube and I liked them but I didn't really care about them since that.

Taake is an interesting band. They can write and perform both complex (Doedskvad) and primitive (s/t) black metal with efficiency. Don't want to sound like a fanboy (I'm not) but Hoest is a musical genious.

From a mastering standpoint the last track should be the example how to sound good without being crap (the oxymoron that plagues mainstream metal these days). This is one of the few cases when the better production actually beats the original (on the Satanic Blood demo).

What's for the next time? A new review comes. Which album? I don't really know, there's so much I want to make but I have limited time for side activities like this (it's finals time at the university) but I'll try to make that post.

The song I'm linking now is Von performed by Amok because that band doesn't play black metal but they did a good job with the cover.

Kneel before me
Show no face
For the flames in my eyes
The giant flames burn dark and deep
Red the bleeding, the blood streams

Blood Von

Kneel before me
Show no face
For thy cross awaits thy healing
Punishment... yes
Thou soul shall staple
For I kill those to be punished

Blood Von

Kneel before me
Show no face
For thou blood tears show thy suffering

Blood Von

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