the first post was written approximately 1.5 years ago (I didn't promise anything about regularity). I've found a bit of time to actually do something here. I'll paste my 2 reviews here and I'll post the new ones here first, but this won't be the only thing that will come.

The most important metal-related stuff: I bought a copy of the Armagedda DVD (limited to 300) from A. through their webshop. Its historical value can't be denied (in the band's context), the performace is great, the production is raw, what more could you ask for? The review will come in a month, until that, please enjoy a video off it (ripped by myself):

I'll try to post every Saturday from now on, next week I'll post my review about the disaster called Under the Sign of Hell 2011 with some other comments that wouldn't fit a review (especially not on the Metal Archives; you can find it there).

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