Armagedda - Live in Nurnberg - 0.7

A friend of mine notified my about this release first. I made a purchase based on the band's previous releases including Echoes in Eternity where you can hear some live footage of the band, and I didn't regret it.

This was recorded on one of the band's live appearances (after this tour they stopped playing live), recorded with only one camera. The video has a sepia effect applied for the whole length. The performance is uncut. The band plays well but there are 1-2 minute breaks between some songs, this might be a drawback for some.

The sound is similar to the live tracks on Echoes in Eterinty, the mix is a bit better here.

Armagedda brings a varied setlist between their suicidal and intense songs. The former category is played with enough passion to make an effect. From this category, A World Full of Lies is the highlight. One thing that irritates me to a small extent is Graav changing the lyrics at some parts (maybe the songs weren't finished that time but still). The other songs are also played well, making good headbanging moments. The crowd is tame until Satan My Master starts.

Who do I recommend this? For fans of Armagedda this is mandatory, people who like raw (and sometimes suicidal) black metal this may be a good experience. For others: at your own risk.

I had to make a blind purchase on this, since nothing of this was uploaded anywhere (and apart from the video I uploaded, still isn't). At first I asked around if the online Armagedda merchandise store is reliable. After getting positive responses I bought this DVD (along with a patch).

The package itself held the DVD in a normal case, the disc itself (which I backed up immediately) and the cover. I expected a booklet too but it didn't have any, I was a bit disappointed about this.

During one of the breaks, a mobile phone jams the sound a bit. I thought that it was mine but for the next watch it was at the exact position so it's the video.

For the end of the post, A World Full of Lies shall be here with the original lyrics (since I'm too lazy to fix it):
Inside my skin, crawling
Helpless, screaming
Raped by this world
A world full of lies

This inner feeling
Destructive, chaotic!
An endless suffering
Where will it lead?

Voices from the past
Whispers my name
Like a suicidal wind
Possess my mind
Possess my soul...

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