Forgotten Woods - Race of Cain - 0.5

After 11 years of silence Forgotten Woods came back to release a new album. I must say they should have let the band rest in peace.

The production is a bit muddy but nowhere as raw as the band's previous outputs. The vocals are buried in the mix for the most of the time. The songwriting seems to be half-assed and a bit weakish but has some good ideas. Lyrical themes range from Anti-Christianity to Nazism, that alone might be enough reason for some not to listen to the album.

The first track "Race of Abel" is just like Mayhem's "The Vortex Void of Inhumanity" with quotes about the Judeo-Christian God very much in a mocking sense. The second track reminds me some Native American music, while the third could have been enjoyable if the vocalist didn't try to copy Attila Csihar and fail at it horribly. "Intolerance is the New Law" has some poor attempt at clean vocals but the song is okay otherwise. "Here, in the Obsession" is the first track Imore-or-less like  with the second half played with clean guitars. The next effort might be the best track here. The problem is it has nothing to do with the rest of the album with its female vocals and the song itself feels out of the place just like "With Swans I'll Share My Thirst" on the previous full-length. The last song has a long conversation with a Christian and an elitist. The song's ending with the "Sieg heil!" screams is funny.

In overall the album gets more enjoyable towards its end with the beginning being pretty weak. Maybe it would have been a better idea to release an EP with the better songs.

If you're allergic to bands radically changing their sound, lyrical themes or Nazi stuff then you should avoid this album at all costs. Otherwise: listen at your own risk but prepare to be disappointed.

The assumption that I gave birth to flies is true. A dog crucified. The fluttering ascends. Shedding skin to build another. Let them inherit the horror. And the shame from which it’s made. I wish I was as pale as you. Reflecting superman while the host snickers. We syndicate the poignant arts of mastering the unknown. Here, in the obsession.

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