Serpent Sermon Tour 2012 - Live in Blue Hell, Budapest, Hungary

As I promised, here is a live review, a first (and hopefully not the last) of this kind of posts. I was thinking about writing it from a more personal perspective, but fuck that shit, this isn't facebook or a personal blog.

The venue (Kék Yuk or Blue Hell in English) is a small (and expensive!) place with an amount of 300 people. No pyros here since the ceiling is not that high from the ground and not very resistant to fire. It is their 10-year anniversary so they invite a lot of bands to play, this monday night's main band was Marduk and Immolation, also 3 opening bands in the horde.

I had to miss two of the openers due to other commitments, heard the end of the second band's performance, it wasn't any memorable. The next to play was Noctem from Spain. I knew the name since I was sent some material years ago when they were a new band. We were generally impressed by their performance as they set the bar pretty high. Towards the end of their set the vocalist just spat us in the face with ketchup (as fake blood) and we looked really kvlt for the rest of the night. :)

(all videos are courtesy of YouTube user 0Jillian0)

I already knew the next band - Immolation - to some extent, and they performed as they were exceped by the majority of us. It was a quality death metal show, great audio. Since many of us came here to see Marduk (myself included) we were really excited and were only waiting for them to come (this way I can't remember much of their set, it was varied from the oldest to the newest). The vocalist knew this well and he didn't miss the opportunity to raise the mood by mentioning them again and again.

The preparations of Marduk technicians took a long time, especially the one setting up the microphone for Mortuus, after some time we were like "fuck off and let the band play already". They arrived and after the intro they started with Serpent Sermon. The sound was raw as hell (as it was meant to be) and loud as fuck. The setlist was varied, fast and aggressive songs mixed with epics, both new and old ones for the oldschool motherfuckers (like me). Mortuus kept saying "Budapest, Hungary" between the songs as if this was the only way not to get killed. The surprise came when they played Within the Abyss, my favourite song of them. I don't need to say I almost lost my voice for the next day because of the classics. For the encore we got one more song than the neighbours, both Wolves and For Satan and Victorious Weapons.

This is a night I will not forget for a long time. Mainly because of Marduk (and their "little" surprise) but Immolation and Noctem were great too. After the show I saw a flyer about Mayhem coming here (same venue) on 5th october, that will be the next one for me (from now on automatically insert "if it doesn't get cancelled").

The next post is an album review (as usual). I've already written it and it's scheduled to appear next saturday. This is the first time I'll give a full score (1) for a release, it needs to be something special to deserve this. It's evil, Swedish and it's not Abruptum. What is it then? You'll find it out soon...

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