Mayhem + supports - Live in Blue/Red Hell, Budapest, Hungary

Let's try something different this time. Since this is my blog I thought I could experiment a little. Now it will be from a more personal standpoint than my Marduk live review, no "professionalism" this time.

I went at the venue for the opening time since I had no idea how many support band would play. I was surprised when I saw the entrance was at the Red Hell instead of the Blue. A band was already playing when I got there, they're Exodikon from Hungary. It was good but nothing fully memorable. While waiting for the next band we went to Blue Hell, the two are in the same building and separated only by a door. This is where we found the drum kit of Hellhammer. It's logical if you think about it: building the stage and soundchecking for Mayhem always take a lot of time and Red Hell is also a bit smaller.

The second band was The Konstellation, also from Hungary. They played an atmospheric mix of pagan black metal and death metal. As you can see in the video below (courtesy of YT user 0Jillian0) they wore dark hooded robes thus reminded me of Noctem (who I saw a month ago). The lineup was of a vocalist, a guitarist, a bassist and a notebook. Yeah, you read it right. They played the drum tracks and other samples from it. I'm not against drum machines but found this hilarious because the notebook was quite easy to notice (the display wasn't turned off).

The third (and last) support band was Castrum from Ukraine, a quality melodeath band. They weren't fully satisfied by the mix (it was okay) and the vocalist (who is of Hungarian descent) joked about this during the gig. Their performance was tight and solid, very enjoyable. Two of us made a little moshing sometimes.

The venue can hold only 300 people so I don't have to tell it was a bit overfilled. Some people couldn't get into the pit to see Mayhem (I was lucky) so they saw the concert on a projector. The sound was far better than two years ago on the Rockmaraton festival, but the high frequency "scream" was present sometimes, although less frequent than on the Marduk show (I don't know why they didn't fix it, they had one month, even with other concerts being held). They started with Deathcrush (to my greatest pleasure), the second was Ancient Skin. After that I can't remember the order (also might omit some): My Death, a new song (!), Illuminate Eliminate, A Time to Die, Carnage, Freezing Moon, Buried by Time and Dust, De Mysteriis dom Sathanas and Pure Fucking Armageddon. They came back for an encore to play View from Nihil. There was a mosh pit in the middle (Dead and Euronymous wouldn't be proud lol), the moshers got really tired for DMDS and many fell on the ground in the form of a chain reaction. At the other parts of the crowd it was almost impossible to move of course. Freezing Moon below:

After the concert I managed to talk to Attila about the Tormentor re-issues (no fresh news sadly) and got my ticket signed by Necrobutcher (also a little chat with him about the usual things). This night marked my second Mayhem concert and it was definitely worth it!

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