Radio silence, top albums, live experience and future

I've quite disappeared from here. I've been through a quite challanging time and with finals coming up I won't post for at least another half month. But since this is the end of 2012 I'll talk about how it was metal-wise.

We had quite a few albums to listen to and the selection was far better than last year. Of course there were expected failures (Umskiptar by Burzum) and disappointments (Malediction by Ragnarok) but there were also amazing releases this year like Azaghal's Nemesis, which has dominated this year for a long time but it was dethroned by Ofemod's Thaumiel after all, this is the absolute winner for this year. Third place goes to the latest full-length of Marduk. Serpent Sermon immediately caught my attention and after a few listens I was about to determine if can beat Nemesis (a huge step forward in all aspects) or not but Azaghal kept its place for long. Other albums worth mentioning are "As the Darkness Descends" by Baptism, "With Hearts Towards None" by Mgła (although I was a bit disappointed after hearing all the praise it got), "I Begin" and the live DVD of God Seed, who just showed everyone that they're more capable than Gorgoroth these days. Good albums were released by Sigh, Kreator, Cannibal Corpse and Cryfemal, just to name a few. Reviews of all this will come in 2013, along with a new Darkthrone record.

On 22th November I also managed to catch the tour of the Kreator / Morbid Angel / Nile trio. If I had time a month ago to review it properly I'd have done it but I won't attempt that today, it couldn't be precise enough. To say a few words: all the bands were proficient (as expected), the sound was fantastic, although Kreator could have been a bit louder. Their stage setup was impressive, it had dragon sculptures with glowing eyes, also varied in height and depth (hence the "3d" adverts). The crowd was the most active when MA played of course (myself included), they were also the primary reason of me being there, Kreator was just the dessert, so to speak.

So what's gonna happen now? Well, let me first survive the first half of January. After that, I'll start to review the albums I've mentioned above and others. I've talked about those "rant" posts in the past about bands, years, scenes etc, they will come...

and I will return.

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