Sarkrista - The Acheronian Worship (2013) - 0.7

I got a request from a member of the band to review this album. The band is a newcomer in the realm of black metal.

I could conclude the album very quickly: a well-made album without much originality. I'm going to be longer than this because while this statement is true it doesn't tell much.

The album is well-produced. It sounds quite amazing (on a 5.1 setup anyway), not overdone or polished, it still sounds clean. You can hear everything clearly, the mix is dominated by the drums and the vocals, neither is too loud to overshadow the guitars, though. The songwriting is like all Finnish black metal (even though the band is from Germany): great songs, one after another. The problem is: if you've listened to later Goatmoon, you'll exactly know what you'll hear.

The album starts with a symphonic (a bit minimalistic, don't be alarmed) intro, reminding the listener to "Opus a Satana" by Emperor. The rest of the album goes similar to the first metal track. At some parts the songs are catchy, well written (despite being something you've already heard) and played with skill. The album maintains its quality to the end, no real highlights or fillers to be found.

If you like Finnish-sounding black metal, you should give this a spin or two, you're going to enjoy it but don't expect any surprises. As a commenter on last.fm once wrote: "Luckily, BM doesn't have to be original to be great."

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