Horna - The Bad Decision (2005 vs 2009)

In 2004 Horna recorded plenty of material for their new album, namely Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne. The material is worth 2 discs, as it was released in 2005 with the title above and as Musta Kaipuu in 2009. The former was released as a full-length and the latter as a "random" compilation. I think it was a huge mistake.

I got to know EESE as a double album which was released by Blut & Eisen Productions so I experienced both as one single entity. An amazing piece of art, all songs in perfect cohesion. No Horna album can get any close to it (except Sudentaival but it's an entirely different story). It'd be worth a review on its own so I won't waste my time now.

Today I was listening to MK in itself and I got a strange feeling: the songs I like from the double LP are mostly from this album. This is when I got the idea to listen to the CD version of EESE. I think you already know how I felt about it: an extreme disappointment. The only highlights I could make are Vihan Tie and Kuoleva Lupaus, some good tracks, a couple of fillers and a bonus track that is perfectly out of place, not fitting at all, sounding like a bad joke.

The biggest outrage on my part is the exclusion of Marraskuussa, the best Horna track ever written. Come on, it was even released on their second live album, Vihan Tiellä! That song was the sole reason I bothered to listen to this concert, taking the mediocrity of Black Metal Warfare into account. It is an amazing performance, it would be even without this song, it just makes the whole experience far superior, especially cause it's actually improved on that recording.

I can recommend only one thing: either legally or illegally (I still won't provide any links, this blog isn't about that), but get the double vinyl version, you'll be part of an experience like never before!

Obvious song choice is obvious:

Syyshämärässä kuljen
Juoksevan veren ääreen
Tumma virta soljuu
Nielee katseeni, mietteeni
Uhmaan aikaa yksin
Synkkää taikaa
Vaikka haistan pakkasen
En tunne sen piiskaa

Jäiset pisarat
Rikkovat seesteisyyden
Luovat renkaitaan
Lisääntyen luvussaan
Kylmyys viiltää otsaani
Lyö tuskan tunteisiin
Linnutkin ovat hiljaa
Ne mitkä eivät muuttaneet

Synkkää taikaa
Luonnon öistä aikaa
Tummaan virtaan pian
Pian itkevät valtimot hiljaa
Yskien, sykähdellen
Juottaen vanhaa huoraa

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