Horna - Kun Synkkä Ikuisuus Avautuu (2006) - 0.7

So here is another compilation by the almighty Finnish horde, namely Horna. I had a hard time finding this one because it's extremely rare and was released only as a limited tape. Now the question is: was it worth searching?

Before I answer let's go into the details a bit. This is a demo recording from the time Nazgul (of Satanic Warmaster) was still in the band. The recording consist of material off Sudentaival and Ordo Regnum Satanas. If you know these recordings, you know the material, just with a far better sound.

This release is raw, even by the band's standards. In fact, it sounds like some of the rehearsals of Moonblood. Some of the songs are hard to recognize at first because the sound is entirely different from the released versions. You won't find the kickass sound of Sudentaival here! The mix is dominated by the drums and the guitars, the bass guitar is easy to hear as well. Nazgul sounds close to Gaamalzagoth of Moonblood (to his singing style on the rehearsal tapes anyway).

My main reason for searching for this tape was the title track. Even though this is slower than the other two versions I was not disappointed, even with clean vocals still remaining exclusive to the album version. Other highlights here are Skaldiriimu and Hautajaisyö, I'm assuming you're familiar with these already.

This recording is recommended for collectors, for those who just can't live without hearing all available versions of a song or are avid fans of Horna and Moonblood.

(No material of this compilation available online, might upload title track later so you can hear it yourselves, but not now.)

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