Burzum - Det som engang var (1993) - 0.75

In his early years Varg released a handful of albums, all became classics since then. All his albums are the same in their essence, still being different from each other, offering something else for the listener to keep him interested.

This album is his most metal album. Not as sorrowful as Hvis Lyset Tar Oss, not as lo-fi as Filosofem or Aske, not as... you get it. I heard some folks complain about a lot of BM releases as there's too much black and little metal in them. Only the trvest elitists will look on you badly if you bang your head to this goodness!

Amazing lead sections and rhythm guitars dominate the whole release, the bass guitar and the drums play no major role here. His vocals, though, have improved a lot since the s/t and remain unmatched till today. The guitar sound is similar to s/t, still sounding better than there. Although Vikernes is more known for his depressive songs, this album clearly shows his creativity, the album won't get boring even after a thousand listens, variations here and there keep it interesting, even fun to play on guitar (if one can play).

It's not easy to choose highlights for this album as it's consistency can't be denied. Lost Wisdom is an undoubted classic, so is Key to the Gate and En ring til å herske. Just do yourself a favour and listen to the whole release!

A classic, along the other Burzum albums, no doubt. This one shows a different face of Varg while being essentially the same.

There's not much point in inlining all lyrics in the post, is there? Here's a link.

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