Satanic Warmaster - Hymns for the Black Empire (2014) - N/A

So how come I don't rate this album? Not because it's not a real album - as in it wasn't released by the band or any of the associated labels. In other words: this is a bootleg release... my bootleg release. (Why the fuck would I rate my own compilation? I'm not that egoistic.) No profit, no free downloads, only an album cover and the tracklist was put together by me, the rest of the work was made by Werwolf over the years.

Why has this seen the daylight if I don't wanna make profit of it? First, because it'd be illegal and I'm not a thief. I do urge Werwolf to consider turning this into a release, even if remade to an extent. I can't give this for free either because it's not mine to give! So if, there by any law I'd have any rights regarding to this material now I refrain from them completely. This should be considered only the appreciation of a great artist. (Copyright owners should take this paragraph as a disclaimer.)

Werwolf has released some material off his splits on W.A.T.W.T.C.O.T.B.W.O.A.A. and this is where the idea came from... to include every Satanic Warmaster split material somewhere that is not a guest appearance or blending with others, just pure Satanic Warmaster experience. I followed a simple rule upon making this, which comes from my music listening habits: breaking albums in half is strictly prohibited, it kills the cohesion of the songs. Simply put, I took all splits until 2008 (all of them up to the point of compiling this album), sorted descending by year, and ascending by the original album title. Simple, effective, usually giving good results (in my opinion it did this time too).

This album gives a deeper insight in the adventures of Satanic Warmaster which can't be experienced by knowing the full-lengths and the EPs alone. Recording qualities, sound levels untouched, everything as it was released. You can't hear this in the playlist, but upon putting this together on your own you'll hear what I intended with this. The cover can be taken if you want it, not that I could do anything about that.

I made the artwork with GIMP (the best image editor for simple and moderate tasks), using the logo and the image of a burning church (as you can see it), the font is of the classic Old English kind.

What are my favourites? Nameless Sacrifice is catchy as fuck (for black metal anyway), Hold on to Your Dreams is one epicness, Where Eternity Awaits is another one, and let's not forget about The Chant of the Barbarian Wolves either.

you can listen to it right here (message me or comment here in case something gets pulled from YouTube):


1. Majesty Of Wampyric Blood (6:43)
2. Massacre (4:03)
3. Where Eternity Awaits (7:38)
4. The Burning Eyes Of The Werewolf (5:16)
5. Nameless Sacrifice (5:29)
6. Dead Light Of A Lost Star (6:57)
7. The Chant Of The Barbarian Wolves (6:34)
8. A Hymn for the Black Empire (4:04)
9. To The Legions (11:53)
10. March of the Legion Werwolf (3:45)
11. Six Million Tears (2:13)
12. Taistelukenttien Kärsimykset (0:22)
13. Hold On To Your Dreams (5:44)
14. Satan's Race (4:04)

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