No Goatmoon For You!


The video above got a double-strike: Werwolf (Records) blocked it in the EU via copyright, and Google "restricted" it on "hate speech" grounds... see below, and click to enlarge.
Art is hate speech????Werwolf doesn't like ad revenue.
The video starts with the "acoustic" version from Tahdon Riemuvoitto, then the "electric" version follows from Voitto tai Valhalla. I made the video with Gimp (image editing) and OpenShot (as almost all non-live footage since I switched to Linux), and it's even under 15 minutes (any longer requires a phone number, which I refuse to give to g00lag), and as I was about to click to view the upload, I got the two mails above (censored them a bit for privacy). Of course I can watch the video after clicking the annoying "I understand and wish to proceed" button, but only because I'm the uploader.

In the end, both parties can go fuck themselves. Werwolf can fuck himself for shitting on fans of bands on his label, and g0014g can too for censoring ART on ridiculous "hate speech" grounds. Goddammit, even our anti-swastika law allows some exceptions. Sure, both are well within their rights to do these, but as Anakin Skywalker said: "It's outrageous. It's unfair!" :D Joke aside, Content ID exists for a good reason, for fox' sake. And google can still go fuck itself for restricting art.

In the end, if you want to listen to this, you'll have to buy/stream/pirate it, I don't really care how you obtain it at this point.

Butthurt rant over.


MGTOW: Collapse Porn and Patriarchy Fantasies versus Reality

Copied here from archive of my reddit post, you can check out the comments there.

I see that collapse porn is all rampant in the MGTOW community (not just on reddit), and I have to ask all of you: are you fucking retarded? If a collapse happens, what makes you think you'll survive? Just think of the Venezuelan situation and keep telling yourself that you'd easily survive all the food shortages, civil disturbances and all the stuff that's going on. What's more,the leadership considers itself feminist, I shit you not.
Also, it's highly unlikely to see a Western country collapse just like that because of technology and massive interconnectedness among the allies, so do you know how collapse could happen in the USA? I'll give a few examples: extinction event (starting with the bees), total nuclear war, asteroid impact, unprecedented poisoning of the oceans, anything to do harm for the whole species. Mass immigration will be stopped, even by leftists because they love power more than ideology, and they can see now how people think about the subject. Any severe economical warfare will be countered by military force, which can easily lead to radiation poisoning, and all sides are painfully aware of this.
In short: if you don't live in the third world, then no collapse is going to happen to your country, and if it does, it'll kill us all. No, you won't survive, and no, you won't put women back in the kitchen. On to the next point...

I mostly blame TFM for this total idiocy: "just take women's rights away xd". I mean, it's a nice meme, but it ain't gonna happen. His way of implementing it made zero sense (you can listen to it in Ayam Sirias' podcast below), so instead of taking that apart I'll just explain why it's impossible.

Let's state a fact first: most men are white knights. It doesn't matter if they're feminist or traditionalist, they just are. They work themselves to death to support women, they do vigilante justice to protect their honor, they go to war to "protect" them... you get the picture. Women have always been taken care of by white knights, and always will. Also, you'd be hard pressed to find enough white knights that think that a patriarchal society would be good for women in this day and age, and without them, you're severely outnumbered and outgunned.
You see, you can't take women's rights away democratically, because the next cabinet will just give it back. Indeed, the parties are also full of white knights, and most of those have wives bitching in their ears. You could think: let's take white knights' rights away as well! Congratulations, you've just killed democracy. Also, there is no way to bar white knights from voting, because you can't create criteria that can't be cheated by them... provided they won't just rise up (remember, outnumbered and outgunned). And if you try the next step, you'll get to a tyranny. Tyrants love staying in power, so they'll appease the masses, which will probably result in insurgent elements being executed... you know, elements that threaten the fabric of society... elements like MGTOW.
And even if you somehow, magically succeed, you've still did something that's profoundly gynocentric, and I don't think being gynocentric and being MGTOW are compatible. I know, it's not a rule, but still. So now let's talk about Islam.
"Islam is so patriarchal, you can literally enslave women!!!" - says the idiot that only knows stuff about Islam from the news and memes. No, this isn't going to be a #notallmuslims kind of section, not by far. But think about it: how much do you really know about Islamic cultures? Sure, you've heard stuff about Wahhabism but that's not really representative, because most Muslims think Wahhabism is way too extreme. I'll link to another Ayam Sirias video because he can tell a lot about Islam in Indonesia:

He dissects how they consider some behaviors "sin", but if you keep listening, their gynocentrism shines through. Just one example: if the husband is unable to financially support his wife/wives, it's ground for fault divorce. The opposite? LOL!
Apart from that, if Wahhabism/sharia gets its way, most of the stuff you like will get banned. Alcohol (no more beer), pork (no more bacon), music (especially if it's considered blasphemous), and because of polygamy lots of men will be left without a wife. Yes, that sounds exactly like an incel problem. Sure, you might be able to fly through the cracks as a MGTOW, but in my experience, most who advocate for Islam are incels. No, inceldom is not about not getting laid, inceldom is about being obsessed by being rejected by women. So, if you can't get laid but you don't give much shit, then you're NOT an incel in my book.
So, what if it's not Islam but old school Christianity? What about the 1950s? What about the nuclear family, what about the children? [The last one should be read in huMAN's distorted "female" voice. :)] Are you ready to face reality, to stop believing stupid propaganda? Because here's a truth bomb that'll change your thinking in the matter permanently: Plastic Traditionalism by Alexander MGTOW.


  1. Unless you live in the 3rd world, no isolated collapse is coming for you, and a global collapse will bring down the whole species, maybe all life on this planet.
  2. You can't take women's rights away, sorry.
  3. Islam is just as gynocentric as every other religion, it just seems that you have more authority, but you're even more fucked in the end. Also a bit of rant about incel infiltrators.


To Hell and Back Again

Seems like I'm here again.

Shitloads of things happened since my last post before the Jontho tribute playlist, and even after that. Let's not go into details, I don't really want to recollect 4 years... I occasionally posted a video to YouTube, came across MGTOW, have been to lots of concerts and festivals, have been living life but as I said, some things have happened I won't write about now.

So, I managed to see Ragnarok twice! Both concerts were at Blue Hell, which is kinda the default place for black metal. The first one was actually headlined by them, last year. The crowd was tiny (less then 30 people!) but that didn't stop them from doing an amazing show. The funniest part was them not knowing the exchange rate from EUR to HUF so they had to google it. :) I bought a cap and a T-Shirt of the tour. Finally, here's a video I made during the concert:

Second time, they opened for Marduk. I honestly didn't care that much about Marduk as they did a Panzer tour, and I used my energy for Ragnarok anyway. :P The place was full, the projectors were broadcasting for those preferring to sit (there weren't many). They installed those because of a Mayhem gig beforehand which actually oversold thanks to the demand. The phone I borrowed this time was much inferior to the previous one, so no videos from me this time, but other users do have you covered:

As of MGTOW, I have been spending lots of time on reddit or youtube, under this very name of course. I decided never to make videos about it on either of my channels, but I'll copy my "Collapse Porn and Patriarchy Fantasies versus Reality" post here, soon.

See you around!


Tribute to Jontho

Just posting this to promote the playlist I've made as a tribute to Jontho's drumming. The latest Ragnarok album wasn't included because he changed to vocals and hired a mediocre drummer to replace him.

  1. Blood of Saints (Malediction)
  2. Nocturnal Sphere (Diabolical Age)
  3. Ancient Hate (Tsjuder - Demonic Possession)
  4. Face of Death (Kharon - Raised by Hellish Demons)
  5. Blackdoor Miracle (title track on album with the same name)
  6. In Inferno I Drown (In Nomine Sathanas)
  7. My Refuge in Darkness (Arising Realm)
  8. May Madness Hunt You Down (Collectors of the King)
  9. Et vinterland i nord (Nattferd)
Tracks in italics have been uploaded by myself, and all tracks other than 3 and 4 are by Ragnarok. The definite highlight is Nocturnal Sphere which I find to be the best song ever written by anyone.


Insane Vesper / Triumfall - Demise of Being (2013) - 0.8

I got a request from Triumfall to review this split via email and I'm glad they asked me, because this is a highly enjoyable release, even if I dislike splits by default.

I'm not really a fan of splits because they usually just discourage me from further listening to the bands in question. I seriously miss coherence between songs that can be found on normal releases, and for the most of the time, they're just not long enough per band, and because of the aforementioned disappointment the whole release seems too long and dragging.

The two bands sound similar, with enough differences to make this ride interesting, as you'll see.

Insane Vesper: this is my first time with this band. The first name that came through my mind to describe their overall sound is some albums of Horna (Ordo Regnum Satanas), Satanic Warmaster (Revelation) and Ofermod (Mystérion Tés Anomias). It's good sounding (the guitar is perfectly audible) but still sports a raw edge. Vocals are those typical mid-range screams, mostly reminiscent of Mortuus. The songwriting is very good and faithful to this style, but it fails to bring anything brand new to the table (which is a good thing in my eyes, I mean, ears). The obscure atmosphere also reminds me of Cultes Des Ghoules, and even if they sound a bit differently, the songwriting was surely influenced by them.

Triumfall: you might have come across them if you're a fan of Gorgoroth, as they were signed by Infernus' label before Regain Records collapsed (taking the sub-label with it). As of the music, their material is rawer than the first half of this split, and they know what they're doing, pure Satanic BM. Here the drums take the leading role in the mix, instead of the guitars. The vocals sound uglier here, also more prominent in the mix, with a few clean chants making them more diverse. They actually remind me of some local (Hungarian) bands like Lepra and Witchcraft, even earlier Watain to some extent. The second track brings the (old) Watain influence a bit forward, emphasizing atmosphere with it, improving the overall experience.

Both bands show qualities that make them worth checking out. They deliver quality, just don't expect anything revolutionary on here, just the good ol' black metal you're already accustomed to. I'm not picking any winners here, because the differences themselves make both enjoyable on their own rights.


Satanic Warmaster - Hymns for the Black Empire (2014) - N/A

So how come I don't rate this album? Not because it's not a real album - as in it wasn't released by the band or any of the associated labels. In other words: this is a bootleg release... my bootleg release. (Why the fuck would I rate my own compilation? I'm not that egoistic.) No profit, no free downloads, only an album cover and the tracklist was put together by me, the rest of the work was made by Werwolf over the years.

Why has this seen the daylight if I don't wanna make profit of it? First, because it'd be illegal and I'm not a thief. I do urge Werwolf to consider turning this into a release, even if remade to an extent. I can't give this for free either because it's not mine to give! So if, there by any law I'd have any rights regarding to this material now I refrain from them completely. This should be considered only the appreciation of a great artist. (Copyright owners should take this paragraph as a disclaimer.)

Werwolf has released some material off his splits on W.A.T.W.T.C.O.T.B.W.O.A.A. and this is where the idea came from... to include every Satanic Warmaster split material somewhere that is not a guest appearance or blending with others, just pure Satanic Warmaster experience. I followed a simple rule upon making this, which comes from my music listening habits: breaking albums in half is strictly prohibited, it kills the cohesion of the songs. Simply put, I took all splits until 2008 (all of them up to the point of compiling this album), sorted descending by year, and ascending by the original album title. Simple, effective, usually giving good results (in my opinion it did this time too).

This album gives a deeper insight in the adventures of Satanic Warmaster which can't be experienced by knowing the full-lengths and the EPs alone. Recording qualities, sound levels untouched, everything as it was released. You can't hear this in the playlist, but upon putting this together on your own you'll hear what I intended with this. The cover can be taken if you want it, not that I could do anything about that.

I made the artwork with GIMP (the best image editor for simple and moderate tasks), using the logo and the image of a burning church (as you can see it), the font is of the classic Old English kind.

What are my favourites? Nameless Sacrifice is catchy as fuck (for black metal anyway), Hold on to Your Dreams is one epicness, Where Eternity Awaits is another one, and let's not forget about The Chant of the Barbarian Wolves either.

you can listen to it right here (message me or comment here in case something gets pulled from YouTube):


1. Majesty Of Wampyric Blood (6:43)
2. Massacre (4:03)
3. Where Eternity Awaits (7:38)
4. The Burning Eyes Of The Werewolf (5:16)
5. Nameless Sacrifice (5:29)
6. Dead Light Of A Lost Star (6:57)
7. The Chant Of The Barbarian Wolves (6:34)
8. A Hymn for the Black Empire (4:04)
9. To The Legions (11:53)
10. March of the Legion Werwolf (3:45)
11. Six Million Tears (2:13)
12. Taistelukenttien Kärsimykset (0:22)
13. Hold On To Your Dreams (5:44)
14. Satan's Race (4:04)


Burzum - Det som engang var (1993) - 0.75

In his early years Varg released a handful of albums, all became classics since then. All his albums are the same in their essence, still being different from each other, offering something else for the listener to keep him interested.

This album is his most metal album. Not as sorrowful as Hvis Lyset Tar Oss, not as lo-fi as Filosofem or Aske, not as... you get it. I heard some folks complain about a lot of BM releases as there's too much black and little metal in them. Only the trvest elitists will look on you badly if you bang your head to this goodness!

Amazing lead sections and rhythm guitars dominate the whole release, the bass guitar and the drums play no major role here. His vocals, though, have improved a lot since the s/t and remain unmatched till today. The guitar sound is similar to s/t, still sounding better than there. Although Vikernes is more known for his depressive songs, this album clearly shows his creativity, the album won't get boring even after a thousand listens, variations here and there keep it interesting, even fun to play on guitar (if one can play).

It's not easy to choose highlights for this album as it's consistency can't be denied. Lost Wisdom is an undoubted classic, so is Key to the Gate and En ring til å herske. Just do yourself a favour and listen to the whole release!

A classic, along the other Burzum albums, no doubt. This one shows a different face of Varg while being essentially the same.

There's not much point in inlining all lyrics in the post, is there? Here's a link.


Horna - Kun Synkkä Ikuisuus Avautuu (2006) - 0.7

So here is another compilation by the almighty Finnish horde, namely Horna. I had a hard time finding this one because it's extremely rare and was released only as a limited tape. Now the question is: was it worth searching?

Before I answer let's go into the details a bit. This is a demo recording from the time Nazgul (of Satanic Warmaster) was still in the band. The recording consist of material off Sudentaival and Ordo Regnum Satanas. If you know these recordings, you know the material, just with a far better sound.

This release is raw, even by the band's standards. In fact, it sounds like some of the rehearsals of Moonblood. Some of the songs are hard to recognize at first because the sound is entirely different from the released versions. You won't find the kickass sound of Sudentaival here! The mix is dominated by the drums and the guitars, the bass guitar is easy to hear as well. Nazgul sounds close to Gaamalzagoth of Moonblood (to his singing style on the rehearsal tapes anyway).

My main reason for searching for this tape was the title track. Even though this is slower than the other two versions I was not disappointed, even with clean vocals still remaining exclusive to the album version. Other highlights here are Skaldiriimu and Hautajaisyö, I'm assuming you're familiar with these already.

This recording is recommended for collectors, for those who just can't live without hearing all available versions of a song or are avid fans of Horna and Moonblood.

(No material of this compilation available online, might upload title track later so you can hear it yourselves, but not now.)


Horna - The Bad Decision (2005 vs 2009)

In 2004 Horna recorded plenty of material for their new album, namely Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne. The material is worth 2 discs, as it was released in 2005 with the title above and as Musta Kaipuu in 2009. The former was released as a full-length and the latter as a "random" compilation. I think it was a huge mistake.

I got to know EESE as a double album which was released by Blut & Eisen Productions so I experienced both as one single entity. An amazing piece of art, all songs in perfect cohesion. No Horna album can get any close to it (except Sudentaival but it's an entirely different story). It'd be worth a review on its own so I won't waste my time now.

Today I was listening to MK in itself and I got a strange feeling: the songs I like from the double LP are mostly from this album. This is when I got the idea to listen to the CD version of EESE. I think you already know how I felt about it: an extreme disappointment. The only highlights I could make are Vihan Tie and Kuoleva Lupaus, some good tracks, a couple of fillers and a bonus track that is perfectly out of place, not fitting at all, sounding like a bad joke.

The biggest outrage on my part is the exclusion of Marraskuussa, the best Horna track ever written. Come on, it was even released on their second live album, Vihan Tiellä! That song was the sole reason I bothered to listen to this concert, taking the mediocrity of Black Metal Warfare into account. It is an amazing performance, it would be even without this song, it just makes the whole experience far superior, especially cause it's actually improved on that recording.

I can recommend only one thing: either legally or illegally (I still won't provide any links, this blog isn't about that), but get the double vinyl version, you'll be part of an experience like never before!

Obvious song choice is obvious:

Syyshämärässä kuljen
Juoksevan veren ääreen
Tumma virta soljuu
Nielee katseeni, mietteeni
Uhmaan aikaa yksin
Synkkää taikaa
Vaikka haistan pakkasen
En tunne sen piiskaa

Jäiset pisarat
Rikkovat seesteisyyden
Luovat renkaitaan
Lisääntyen luvussaan
Kylmyys viiltää otsaani
Lyö tuskan tunteisiin
Linnutkin ovat hiljaa
Ne mitkä eivät muuttaneet

Synkkää taikaa
Luonnon öistä aikaa
Tummaan virtaan pian
Pian itkevät valtimot hiljaa
Yskien, sykähdellen
Juottaen vanhaa huoraa


Nocturnal Depression - Reflections of a Sad Soul (2008) - 0.9

This band isn't new to the subgenre of DSBM, although I have to admit I have only listened to this album of theirs from the beginning to the end and a couple of their other songs, I do have a special relationship with this album.

You get what you'd expect from a depressive album: it's painful to listen to. Not in a sense that it's so bad it hurts... no, it hurts you on an emotional level, pounding you deeper and deeper in your depression if you have one. Its structure goes as of regular depressive BM album: it sends you deeper and deeper into emotional hell, and the ending is trying to keep you from staying that way.

I have listened to some of their earlier works, this album is a vast improvement in both songwriting (originality) and in production, the latter being unpolished, but still clear sounding to an extent, guitars over distorted as usual, drums high in the mix. I must give praise to the vocal work of Lord Lokhraed, it's extremely raw and bears pure pain, fitting this album perfectly, giving it another edge to hurt. The songs themselves are long as you could expect it from a release like this.

The intro doesn't give any hints how the rest of the album will sound, it's just a filler, it won't even set the proper mood. The next track, however, is slow (compared to regular black metal anyway) and melancholic. The third song (Fading Away in the Fog) is way faster, typical black metal riffing (sorrowful tremolo picking), even blastbeats, very well written too, making it one of the outstanding songs of the album. After a melancholic interlude comes "Her Ghost Haunts These Walls", the definite best song of the album, and according to many, one of the best by the band. Its clean and distorted guitar work, painful vocals, suicidal lyrics and guitar lines are so perfectly composed and executed it can be a real soundtrack for someone who would end their life by their own hands.* By the end of this song you might even lose you will to live, but as I mentioned earlier, the rest of the album will bring you back to normal, even though you will be changed on the inside forever.

It's not my place to encourage or forbid you to listen to this album if you are depressed and/or suicidal, but you have to know it has its risks, one of the few depressive albums that actually does. For anyone else, if you want to travel to the realm of the mentally fucked up, you should sit down and experience this full-length, purists who hate DSBM won't listen to it anyway, but it's purely their loss.

My hands are caressing the stones
Their coldness piercing my skin and creeping to my heart
The obscurity mixing black and gray
My blinded eyes open theirs
Everything there is full of sorrow
Everything there is crying
Forever lost

I take your hands; I follow you to a better place
I take your hands; let me stay by your side
I take your hands; I follow you to a better place
I take your hands; let me stay with you

Among these ruins of our life
I walk slowly, sufferings tearing me
Flashes hurt my mind
I see you everywhere, I can't forget you
The rain is falling out, the wind is whispering
The world's turning dark, the ambient cold
I feel your presence, your arms around me
Your head on my back
I killed myself to join you

* It's not an outsider's opinion. When I came across this album I was in an overly suicidal mood, at the worst of my depression. This isn't either the place or the time to talk about it, I'm tired of talking about it anyway.